Posted by: mzbitca | November 20, 2009

Transgender Day of Remembrance

  Today we remember those who are forced to live their life forgotten.  Those whose existence makes them a target, who are forced to live in the shadows or are forced back into them when they try to speak for themselves and their rights.  We remember those who died due to our indifference. No one is refusing the pledge of allegiance due to their lack of rights, no one is fighting to make sure Health care doesn’t unfairly control their bodies.  Today is an easy time for cis women to be a “good ally” but in reality many of us treat it the same way we always treat Transgender rights, a throw away sentence in a post to make sure we’re inclusive. A small post to say we did it.  I’m no better. I fall into the cis trap of only paying attention to what makes it into my highly filtered world.  I think about being better at trans rights but I don’t fulfil my duty.  Today I want to say I’m sorry to my transgender sisters and brothers for the pain they deal with every day and the silence they see, even on the internet ,when searching for hope that one day their lives will finally be treated with respect.  I have not challeneged enough the world I live in to make is safer for you.      RIP those who have been lost and I’m sorry for everything.


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