My name is Natalie and I am just finally coming to the world of blogging. I will be trying my best to follow the rules and will link to anything and everything I can that influences me but I’m afraid it will be slow learning. I’m eager to start a little community right here but am terrified that I will never click here to see a comment on my posts.  Oh well, full steam ahead right?



  1. Hi,
    Good site. Keep it up

    With Besth Wishes

  2. Hello! Thanks for the comment on our blog. Just wanted to say hello, and now I will continue going through your posts.

  3. Hi, found you via the Hathor Legacy and I’ve enjoyed your thoughts on Twilight. I recently read this book…

  4. Hi,

    I am new to blogging as well. I’d love it if you’d check out my site (and maybe add me to your blogroll also 😉 ? ). I have begun reading your site and enjoy it so far. I wll commit to leaving you comments soon :).

  5. HI, I love your site. I am new to blogging to and do not as yet have a community but you are becoming successful. I’ll come back and visit often.

  6. I followed you over from Shakesville. I would be glad to share some of my struggles with bipolar disorder. Please email me

  7. Hi Natalie – I was just wondering if you had an e-mail account I could send a comment to? I’d rather not post it publicly. You can reach me at the e-mail listed here, if you’re interested. If not, no big deal. Good luck with your blog & welcome to the blogosphere!

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