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Children have rights

A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend so I’ll be as specific as possible.


Everybody got it?  Okay, here we go.

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Bad Blog Mistress, Bad

I promise I still exist I just have been horrible at posting lately.  I would say it’s because I’m really busy but I”m not busier than usual. I’ve just been slightly lazy and feeling like whenever I find something to blog about 600 other people have already gotten to it, which I know isn’t a legitimate reason.  I”m starting to get some motivation back, so of course I am getting ready to leave town for a week.  So I am giving myself a homework assignment.


I will be in the DOminican Republic for a week but I have 3 books that I”m planning on reading, “Quiverfull” “The Purity Myth” and RAchel Simmons new one “The curse of the Good girl”  Plan on reviews of at least one-two of those when I return.

Until then, everyone help each other, try not to be assholes and have safe weeks. Hope to connect with everyone again soon!

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kid’s movies are scary

A lot of people are saying that Where the Wild Things Are is too scary for kids and is an adult movie.

I’ll present my argument with the following clips from my childhood movies

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The return of Dollhouse

Dollhouse, Joss Whedon’s fourth show, has now been back for season 2 for 3 weeks.   I’ve been watching it and am finding it better than the way the show started season one but not as good as the way that season ended.  However, with Summer Glau and Keith Carradine set to make appearances soon I’m highly hopeful.  I am also excited that they seem to have sped up the process of Echo becoming self-aware, and not just in little catch phrases and body movements, but in her actually voicing what she feels and working to try and control the imprints.

The most recent episode had a pretty interesting theme.  The main plot involved a man who had a tendency to kidnap other women and make them into dolls (get it, nudge nudge) that he would pose in macabre spectacles of how he felt his family life should have gone.  One of the women fights back and although he kills her she manages to drug him enough that when he goes out into the city he gets hit by a car and put into a coma.  Of course, he has a well-placed uncle, as all fucked up rich boys often do, who knows about his beahvior and wants to find the women before they die and they can’t cover it up anymore.  

Adelle shows that she does have limits when they discover that the nephew’s brain make up shows no capacity for empathy and even Topher as ethical issues (a point brought up, hilariously, by Boyd).  The dump the nephew in Victor and Ballard has to try to find the women.  Of course things get fucked up and the uncle breaks Victor/the nephew out thinking that he will tell him where the women are being kept.

The B-plot is Echo’s engagement as an complete cardboard character of an air headed co-ed who has the hots for her teacher who wants to introduce her to Chaucer.  At first I was just my usualy rolling eyes at this engagement, but then, as the show cut between conversation between Echo, or Kiki (seriously), and the teacher and Ballard and the nephew. I realized what the show was doing.  A lot of people have complained that the show hasn’t made enough of a stand on how they think the concept of the Dollhouse is wrong.  I personally don’t see it as I think there have been plenty of signs about consent and immorality but I felt this scene was another way of showing it.


YOU have one man complaining about real women and how they mess everything up and they are all whores and you know that he creates fake women, using real women’s  bodies to create the image of the way he thinks life SHOULD be.  The other conversation is of a professor who does just that with the Dollhouse.  Creating a human being within the Dollhouse and using that character to act out his fantasy of sexual play.  It is very clear that both me, through their ways of acting out their fantasy, don’t want 3 dimensional women.  The prof. does not want a women who can challenge him intellecutally and the nephew does not want women who have lives that don’t revolve around what he desires.  There is no room for anyone but themselves in their little world and while we sit their and condem the nephew (including Adelle and Topher) noone stops to think what might be going on the mind of their basic employee and how similar those thought processes must be.

The man that wants to have sex with the woman is just lonely and they are helping him based on their belief that the actives have given some type of consent.  However, the man that takes over women’s bodies on his own is a vicious monster.  One is the rapist hiding in the bush we all should be afraid of, the other is the good guy, the pastor’s kid, the one who couldn’t possibly have “meant” to rape someone and should really be given a second chance because he didn’t “mean” to hurt anyone.

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Apologizing for my absence and a minor annoyance

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to apologize for my absence over the last few weeks.  Some of you know I got some pretty crappy news, I’ve been sick and work has been pretty stressful. Plus I’ve had to take a licensure exam (I passed) and we’re getting new floors.  So, I will try to get make a bit more of a regular posting schedule over the next few weeks. I”m hoping all the TV shows starting up again will help.  

Until then I just wanted to talk about my number one Feminist annoyance.  When I say feminist annoyance I mean something small in our society that truly is not something to have rallies about or go activist on, but still every time I see it it reminds me that women are still considered “different” (in a bad way).

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one good thing about staying home sick

Tennis 🙂

US Open TennisYou can’t see them in this picture but he arms that I would just love to lick.

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The difference in our society.

So, most people are aware of the wildfires that are raging in California right now.  There was just a recent article about people living close to the blaze who are not evacuating.

“It’s my house, I don’t want anything to happen to it,” said the 47-year-old film producer, whose wife and daughter left Monday to stay with friends. “I’d rather be here and leave at the last minute than down the hill not knowing what’s happening

That hasn’t daunted Joseph Stachura. He’s staying with his 3,500-square-foot home in Big Tujunga Canyon where he has his own well and a pump that can drain 12,000 gallons of water from his pool. He has also stocked fireproofing gel to spray on his roof along with other firefighting supplies

Something to highlight.  All of these people have consistent resources to get out whenever they want.  They can afford materials to save their house or can, as one pair did before, jump into a hot tub to protect themsevles from the flames. 

Meanwhile, the people of Katrina, who did not have resources to get out and were stranded or just did what some of these people are doing, which is not wanting to leave their homes and everything they had (a completely natural human reponse), were called stupid and were told they had what was coming to them. 

There is a big difference between the people that are being highlighted in this article and those that were stranded before Katrina and there is a big difference between what the way they are being presented.  One is exhibiting a very human response and are given agency and not being criticized for any moral failing or blamed for any possible damage to their homes.  The others were considered crazed animals who didn’t know any better to save themselves and deserved no sympathy because their reactions were obviously so different.

What are the most obvious differences: One is focusing on the rich and the white (people who are always given the benefit of humanity and agency in our culture), the others were low-income and mostly POC (people who are often dehumanized and denied the very basic right of being allowed to exhibit basic human behavior/limitation without judgment).

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Call For Help

Hey everyone,

I am teaching a class referred to as “abnormal psychology”  I hate the term and have already discussed why with my class but I want to make sure that my class is as progressive as possible and involves the opinions of those who are dealing with the symptoms of mental illness.  I have read pieces from those that talk about their PTSD symptoms or other such things and I generated a discussion about the recent clusterfuck that was the Salon article but I was wondering about any more resources or advice, whether it be blogs or just things to remember and look out for.  I also want to make sure that the reality of mental health treatment is discussed in this class and I have a decent enough concept of how frustrating it is from my end of being a provider and trying to get people services but would love input on how it can be on the other side.

Please spread this along

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Trust Women

Right now tons of reproductive rights activists are in Bellevue, Nebraska to show support for Dr. Carheart.

I was unable to go but I did donate money and received five Trust Women Bracelets from NARAL Pro Choice America.  They as asking that anybody that has one to take a picture with them wearing the bracelet and a sign with the words “Trust Women”

here’s my submission

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Why yes, yes it is

Search term that brings you to my blog

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